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1/7/2013- Bake Spray Tanning

There are several urban legends regarding spray tanning. Trust me, I've been in the business for a long time and no matter how hard I try to educate my clients and the general twenty- something single girl population, the questions (the SAME questions) force me to repeat myself on a daily basis.

Now that winter has settled into New York, everyone and their grandmother is planning an escape to a carribean island or the standard Miami "go to." Everyone has also learned that spray tanning is the way to seemlessly slip into the bikini hiding flaws and cellulite that would otherwise force their way through pale scaley skin. Totally not beach worthy.

So why do I have 3 clients a day calling Bake Spray Tanning about tanning beds? Aren't we over this by now?

Myth #1. I must have a real base tan before spray tanning.

WRONG! I admit that I spent the majority of my 20s hanging out in a UV bed. I have the freckles on my nose to show for it. However, not anymore! Why lay there every week for hours on end if you can spray for 5 minutes, come out perfectly and evenly tanned and stay that way for a week?

Using tanning beds before you spray tan is wrong on all accounts. First of all, this obviously defeats the purpose of going UV- free. Also, when we tan in the sun or in a bed, we significantly dry out the top layer of the skin. A sun tan is basically a full body scab which leads to flaking, peeling, and a dehydrated epidermal layer. If you then spray tan over that layer, the solution will not adhere well and you will experience a flaky fade off. Isn't that what you want to avoid?

TRUTH: Always spray tan on pasty hydrated skin in the winter and use a light exfoliant or scrubby glove before you come in for your session. I promise, you will look flawless and radiant for your January holiday. Don't forget to pack your sunblock and your glow on the go for touch-ups!

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Who Spray Tans?

Celebrities, models, stylists, brides, bridesmaids and anyone who wants to look good without the harmful UV rays taken in during sun bathing/tanning bed use. 

Spray tans also make a great gift that they will never forget.

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